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Take footwear comfortability to
the next level

Improve your quality of life with custom footwear designed especially for your medical condition.


Why Us?

Having trouble finding comfortable shoes and foot orthotics for the right size and width that will suit your medical condition? Comfort Footwear Etc. is your solution.


 Certified Pedorthist will measure, fit and advise you on the best choice just for you.


Large  selection of shoes, off the shelf orthotics and compression stockings.


We participate with Medicare, CT Medicaid and many other health insurance plans.

About Us?

About Us

Comfort Footwear Etc. formally known as MT Medical LLC, has been in business and serving the public for over 20 years.


I know the struggle people face who suffer from medical conditions and their difficulty finding comfortable footwear because my mother is an amputee.


My company was founded to help you live a better quality of life! 

Helpful downloadable prescription files and instructions

If you want to learn more, contact me today!

Our Products

Our Products

You are in the right place if your feet hurt but it's hard to find proper fit shoes, custom molded foot orthotics, off the shelf shoe inserts and compression stockings.


Our Certified Pedorthist and Certified fitters will help you. Comfort Footwear Etc. accepts many health insurance plans including Medicare and CT Medicaid.


We have the largest selection of products and expertise.

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Orthopedic footwear